Visiblox Charts version 1.8.1 for Silverlight and WPF released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Visiblox Charts version 1.8.1 for Silverlight and WPF. This release includes some great new features and improvements including:

  • Even better performance across the entire library with up to 300% improvements in some places
  • Ability to auto-scale axes based on visible data
  • Ability to render custom labels on the axes
  • Support for Crosshair behaviour to render axis labels
  • Improved highlight and selection model throughout the library
  • New PanBehaviour to add panning support to the chart
  • Repositioned and reduced size of the watermark to make it less prominent (Free Edition only)
  • New horizontal and vertical line annotations which render axis labels (Premium Edition only)
  • New DiscontinuousDateTimeAxis implementation to allow greater flexibility and extensibility (Premium Edition only)
  • New High, Low, Close (HLC) series (Premium Edition only)

We recommend you download the new version and give it a spin! If you have any feedback we'd love to hear from you.

Regards, Visiblox Team



I need to have a chart control for silverlight which has the following features: • Highlighting a selected area in a graph(The area within a spike of the curve).ie selecting an interested area of projection • Displaying width and height • Adding a customized label on X axis • Displaying grid lines • Displaying x and y coordinates of every data point. • Zooming in and out Can someone suggest any specific controls which I can evaluate and use.

Posted by Vinay

Hello Vinay,

Most of your requirements can be met with Visiblox, here they are in order:

1. Highlighting a selected area series is possible with the free component by using a LineSeries with the ShowArea property set to true and either programatically changing the IsSelected property (or by allowing the user to select one or multiple series at a time).

Selecting just an area within the spike is not possible I'm afraid though as the whole area is rendered as a Path: either the whole thing can be selected or nothing.

2. The width and height of the Chart can be displayed as it is a Control and as such, has Width and Height properties.

3. Labels can be customized on the Axis: they can be styled and the format string can be changed. A customized label can also be added by adding it to the AdditionalLabels collection on an axis.

4. Gridlines can be turned on or off through the ShowGridline property on an axis.

5. X and Y coordinates can be displayed for data points either by turning on the tooltips on a series (by setting IsTooltipEnabled to true), using a Crosshair behaviour or creating a custom template for data points using the TemplatedSeries in the premium version.

6. Zooming in and out comes out of the box. See e.g. the line series example and zoom in by selecting an area on the chart and double click to zoom out.

Summing it up, almost all of your the requirements can be implemented using the free version of Visiblox charts. If you want to display the X and Y coordinates as part of the data point template, you would need to use TemplatedSeries in the premium version.

You can immediately get started evaluating the component by downloading the free version.

Posted by Gergely Orosz

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