Announcing Visiblox Charts for Windows Phone 7

We are proud to announce that Visiblox Charts for Windows Phone 7 Beta has been released in version 1.9 of Visiblox Charts and can be downloaded for free here (note: the prerequisite for this release is to download and install the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone). To get started developing on the phone read our tutorial on getting started with Visiblox Charts for WP7.

Visiblox Charts for WP7 is the first charting library that has support for seamingless zooming, panning, and selection - all optimized for the phone. Similar to Visiblox Charts on other platforms it also provides excellent performance, can be easily customized and styled and was built to be easy to extend. For a quick tour on the Windows Phone version, see the following video:


Some features that make Visiblox Charts for Windows Phone 7 an ideal choice to use for developing on the phone are the following:

  • Wide range of supported series: line, column, bar, staircase, band and pie series. Full support for all Visiblox Charts series will be added soon.
  • Exceptional performance, real-time zooming and panning: the component was built with performance being one of the most important factors. Performance on the phone, where resources are precious, is even more important than on the desktop or web. Visiblox Charts handles drawing, zooming and panning of hundreds of on-screen points seamlessly.
  • Support for point and series selection, optimized for the phone: selecting points on the phone is different than on a computer: a tap gesture is much less precise than a mouse click. Visiblox Charts for WP7 has selection detection optimized for touch events meaning that even the smallest chart point can be selected by tapping close enough to it.
  • Easy to style and customize: Visiblox Charts for WP7 has a new default Palette and style which is consistent with the Windows Phone 7 styles, and also respects the user's colour preferences. However, the chart, axes and series expose properties needed to style them in any possible way and with the help of Palettes, styling of series can be defined at an application level.
  • Built for extensibility: at all the key points in our API you will find a base class that makes extension easy and an interface to implement if the base class absolutely doesn't do what you need.
  • Support for multiple X axis and multiple Y axis: the component allows defining of unlimited X and Y axes, allowing of plotting of high complexity charts even on your phone

Getting Started

We've put together an article on creating basic types of series and implementing zooming and panning on the charts: Getting Started on Visiblox for WP7 - Basic Charts, Selection and Zooming.

Visiblox Charts for WP7 is an evolution of Visiblox Charts for Silverlight. Apart from the behaviours within Visiblox for WP7, their API is nearly identical, thus the examples, tutorials and blog posts on the Silverlight component can be used for the WP7 component as well. Some of the materials that you might find useful are:

Why not grab this new version and give it a spin?



[...] that has support for zooming, panning, and selection – all optimized for the phone. Visit…; for more [...]


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