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Important Announcement: Visiblox Technical Support

It is with regret that, we have to announce that we are withdrawing support for Visiblox Charts. For both prospective and current customers, please be aware that this means the product will no longer be developed and any technical support is no longer available through the usual support channels.

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F# charts with Visiblox

As a fully fledged .NET language, F# users can make full use of Visiblox charts. Here we'll provide a few basic examples to get you started, and show some simple wrappers that might make life easier.

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Radial Charts

Visiblox has had radial charts for some time, but we've never written about them here. You can see some examples in the examples section, but now we'll show you just how easy it is to create a radial chart.

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Performance Counters

Windows performance monitor gives access to a huge amount of interesting data, which for example can be used to monitor system or application performance. Performance counters give any manner of information - IP packets per second, .NET managed memory usage of a particular process, CPU usage, etc. However the built-in graphing component is somewhat primitive/irritating. Here we show how to construct a simple viewer for this data with Visiblox Charts.

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