We have a fantastic, dedicated team working on Visiblox Charts from our offices in Edinburgh and Newcastle Upon Tyne – in fact there are too many to mention here, so instead, have a look at our Management team who first set Visiblox up:

Chief Executive Officer
Gary, originally from Northumberland, UK has over 20 years working in the software and financial industries. Gary was Executive Director and Head of Fixed Income Analytics for Lehman Brothers for 11 years where he managed to escape in 2005 before its implosion triggered the world financial crisis of 2008. Phew! Gary doesn’t program much these days but remains passionate about innovative software and how it can improve people’s lives.
Chief Operating Officer
Jesse was born in Santa Monica, CA, grew up in Germany and currently lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a great experience but his accent now suffers from an ongoing identity crisis! His career spans 12 years working as a software engineer, holding a broad range of positions from developer to CTO across SMEs, start-ups and multi-national corporations.
Chief Technology Officer
Colin graduated from Leeds University with a BSc (first class hons) in Physics and Mathematics and a PhD in Physics. He brings over 12 years of professional software development expertise to Visiblox Charts and has worked in a diverse range of fields, specialising in front-end technologies and techniques for cross-platform mobile development. Colin is a prominent member of the Microsoft Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 development communities, having written numerous white papers, articles, blog posts, patents and a book.
Chief Marketing Officer
David has over 30 years’ experience working in the software industry. Originally a programmer, David moved through sales, product management and marketing to hold director level roles in Marketing, Business Development and Product Management & Delivery at major software vendors including Sage Group plc, QSP plc and IRIS Software Group. The most recent member of the team, David is determined to ensure the developer community is upto speed and fully aware of Visiblox Charts.

Why Visiblox Charts?

Minimise time, maximise impact

Translate data into charts, instantly, helping users to spot trends and patterns easily, even with massive data sets.

Exceptional Performance

Plot hundreds of thousands of data points quickly and easily on a range of different chart types, with extensive interactivity and fully customisable design.

Single API for desktop, web and mobile

Target desktop, web and mobile platforms with ease by sharing the same easy-to-use API across all three.

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