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High performance charting in seconds
For WinRT, WPF, Silverlight & Windows Phone
All bundled up for one great price!

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 WinRTWPFSilverlightWindows Phone
Chart Types      
Line And Area Charts:  Line, Area, Staircase, Band, Stacked Area, Stacked Line, Stacked Spline, Spline Charts (Curved lines), Discontinuous Line
Bar And Column Charts:  Bar, Column, Stacked Bar, Stacked Column
Financial Charts:  Candlestick, OHLC, HLC, Term Structure
Other Charts:  Scatter, Error Bar, Box Plot, Contour Plot, Heat Plots, Combination Chart, Pie, Band, Donut, Polar, Radar, Templated
Axis Types      
Numeric Axis  
Date/Time Axis  
Category Axis  
Logarithmic Axis  
Discontinuous Date/Time Axis  
Interactive Features      
Zooming, Panning, Selection, Crosshairs and Trackballs  
Tool Tips  
Touch Gesture Support  
User Annotations & Event Markers  
Other Features      
Theming Support  
Support for Data Binding  
Multiple X-Axis & Y-Axis Support  
MVVM Data Binding Support  
Streaming Support  
Pre-Built Themes  
Design-time Support for Expression Blend  
Support for Data Filtering/Sampling  
Pre-built Filter Strategies  
DirectX Support for WinRT and WPF