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High performance charting in seconds!
High Performance Charting
Built from the ground-up with performance and speed in mind, Visiblox Charts can handle considerable amounts of data effortlessly. Simply supply your data directly to the chart and the component takes care of the rest. Visiblox Charts also provide a wide array of high-end performance improvement options such as filtering, advanced data sampling algorithms, and a streaming chart mode. The charts are available for the following platforms: WinRT, WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone.
Fully customisable
The ability to specify images, colour gradients and backgrounds, different styles for highlighting and selecting a series, customisable legends, tooltips and axes, plus a wide array of chart types and full theming support, all the way down to styling of individual points, means you can completely customise the look and feel of Visiblox Charts to suit your application.
Fully customisable
Complete Documentation
Visiblox Charts couldn't be simpler to use - you get clear, comprehensive documentation and simple examples for almost all features. This product is no longer supported for upgrades and updates but a source code option is available.