Egle Samuleviciute

In my work I have tested the performance and features of 5 major charting libraries for a demanding charting tool we are developing. Visiblox have outperformed all of them: the loading time of 20.000 data points is within seconds, brilliant out-of-the-box zoom, secondary axis, means of extending and adjusting the chart to fit our needs, means to adjust the look-and-feel and a lot more.

Egle Samuleviciute, Analyst, Netlight Consulting AB
Luciano Fernandez

I just started developing in WPF, I found working with Visiblox to be a pleasure!  Easy to use and understand, packed with all sort of neat features ready to use out of the box.  The performance of the control is amazing, and it is highly customizable.  In their website you can find lots of useful and practical examples.

Luciano Fernandez, Bioinformatics Specialist, Cell and Molecular Biology Department, University of Gothenburg

The program I am working on needs the ability to routinely plot 1,000,000+ data points quickly.  This is a very difficult task to do.  I tried out several major WPF chart vendors until I settled on Visiblox.  The performance is fantastic and with the use of the FilteredDataSeries I was able to get exactly what I wanted.  I would recommend Visiblox to anyone wanting to create charts on the WPF platform.

Software Consultant
Carlos Andrés Díaz

I'm very impressed with the new version of the @visiblox graphs!.. guys.. you are incredible.! the performance is awesome ! #WPF

@Candrez84, Twitter

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